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Industrial Services
Carpet Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

Your upholstery and carpets will get worn out over time due to constant usage. Regular cleaning will extend the life and condition of your upholstery and carpets and will also ensure they remain comfortable and clean.
Regular carpet and upholstery cleaning can also:
- Prevent permanent staining of fabrics
- Increase the value of your home or vehicle
- Prevent health issues such as Asthma and others
- Provide a clean environment for your family and friends
- Help control dust mite infestations
Factory Floors

Factory Floors (Hard Surfaces)

By using our specialist high pressured steam cleaner with a rotary jet wash attachment, all factory flooring can get made to A* standard again. This service can be provided on all factory flooring surfaces and is a great way to ensure that all spillages, such as diesel petrol oil chemicals etc that could lead to accidents, are properly cleaned up keeping your work place safe and hygienic.
Car Parks

Car Parks

From the parking bays to stairwells and hidden corners we get car parks spotless. Our fully equipped mobile pressure steam cleaning vans are the ideal solution for car parks whether private or council run. We provide one-off, periodic and emergency cleans of all areas of the car park from the bays themselves to the stairwells and hidden corners that simply accumulate grime and rubbish over time. This includes the removal of grafitti, unwanted paint, grime and oil stains, tyre marks and moss/ algae.
Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Vortex Clean provide a professional and efficient gutter clearing service to both residential and commercial properties. Blocked up guttering may not seem like a big deal at first but leaving them overtime will cause severe damage to the guttering system, fascia’s, paint and brick work and can also result in damp within the home. Whilst fully clearing your guttering system we also thoroughly check the down pipes and spouts for any minor damage. We are able to do this through our camera survey attachment. This attachment also ensures that all your guttering is cleared of all substances leaving you with a service you are fully satisfied with.
High Level Camera Survey

High Level Camera Survey

Our high level camera survey is used in our gutter cleaning system, it ensures the guttering is fully cleared of all the unwanted substances (e.g. debris, moss, mud, leaves, broken/tiles etc.) The camera survey attachment can be attached to reach residential and commercial properties up to 15 meters. The camera works day or night as camera monitor is equipped with night vision. This camera survey attachment does not necessarily only have to be used for gutter clearing services, this attachment can also help you check the top of your property for damages roofing, cracked tiles, buildup of moss and debris etc.